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This is amazing! The Humane Society of the United States sponsors this program to end dogfighting. By taking the youth at risk for dogfighting and teaching them how to work with their dogs they are making the dogs less of a liability and strengthening the bond between owner and their dogs. Roywallsoutnasi By helping people that viewed their dogs as possessions or weapons realize that their dogs can be their best friends they are one huge step toward ending dogfighting. After all nobody will fight their dog after they view it as “their baby”, right?

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Got a dog that digs in and pulls you around the block? It can be very tough to teach your excited pitbull not to pull when going for walk, but this genius veterinarian solved the problem with an amazing harness! Not trying to sell you anything here, just solve your pulling problem. Take a look at this video that explains The Horgan Harness.

If you are interested in getting one for your dog and taking peaceful walks together visit their website,