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The Freckles Freedom Fund _ Spock

“I see that you are redoing your website and if it’s not too late I have something for you. I am so thankful for everything you did to help us with Spock and the whole experience has really changed my view on dogs, breeding, and my perception of rescue/shelter dogs & pitbulls! I have been working on a website to donate to The Freckles Freedom Fund, to give back because I really appreciate all that you do! I’d be more than happy to change anything around as you see fit and am able to make any additions you’d like as well as show you how to update and manage it!”

We sent this message to Wendy after her help with a stray we found in our neighborhood. He was in very rough shape, emaciated, mange, worms and his face was full of wounds and scars. First impression looking at this dog was … pitiful. He was the second we had found in our neighborhood in this condition so we already had a connection with The Freckles Freedom Fund. When we called Wendy she offered to pay for the costs of vetting and neutering this dog, he just needed to spend the night at our place until we could get him evaluated for adoption and a foster home. We already had a pack of 4 dogs and weren’t sure about his temperment or health so he spent the night in the garage until we could get him looked at.

After his 1st vet trip and a positive behavior evaluation we introduced him to our dogs and our house. Well to make a possibly long story short we became his foster family, then we couldn’t imagine him living anywhere else and officially apdopted him into our pack making him dog #5! Out of our 5 dogs Spock is the most eager to please, the calmest, most loyal, and the easiest to train. This goes against all of my preconceived notions of pitbulls, rescue dogs, and dogs involved in dog fighting. I had little to no experience with the breed, and zero experience with abused animals.

Spock has shown me that virtually any dog can be rehabilitated and rehomed with a little work and love! He has changed my mind on so much involving adotion and breeding, rescuing animals, pitbulls, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Thank you Spock and The Freckles Freedom Fund for changing our lives forever!

Nick Lariviere
– Outspand, LLC

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